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Pre-Built Timber Pavilions

Transform your backyard into a stunning oasis with our ready-to-assemble timberframe frame pavilions. Limited stock available at discounted prices. Ideal for defining your space, and creating a luxurious outdoor ambiance.

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Brooksdale 16 x 16 - $19,500

Westbrook 16 x 16 - $ 20,500


Who we are

Toews Timberframes wants to work with you

​We are passionate about consistent, quality craftsmanship. Our timberframes are designed, cut, & built to exceed our customers’ expectations. Commited to hand cutting our timber, we ensure every detail is considered for the best fitting joinery.

Our Process


A Unique Project…

Working closely with you and your draftsman, our team will build custom 3D designs for your unique project, whether you have an idea, sketch, or existing plans.


Hand Selected Timbers

We hand select top quality timbers, and then our craftsmen cut, chisel, and pre-fit joints for precision. Each timber undergoes our 3-Coat Stain Process for superior UV protection and finish.


Alongside you the Homeowner

We will work alongside the homeowner, builder, or general contractor for scheduling and planning to ensure the build comes together as designed and on time.



How Much Time Should We Allow To Plan Our Timber Frame Build?

Allow approximately six months for a Home or Cottage build. Smaller builds like Pavilions, Pergolas, or Entries can be planned typically within a month.

What’s the cost difference between a Timber Frame and Conventional Framing?

Every project varies. Most clients should expect to budget 10-15% more than a comparable conventional build.

Can You Work With Existing Designs?

We can work with your existing floorplan design to incorporate a timber frame structure; some changes may be necessary.

Does Toews Timbeframes Install Their Timbers?

We Install a large percentage of our frames from Northwestern Ontario to Saskatchewan. Some builders choose to have us ship the package for their crew to install.

Do You Provide Installation For Packages Across Canada And The US?

The builder is responsible for installing packages outside our typical installation range. We also offer to send a company representative to guide the crew if needed.

How Often Does A Timber Frame Need To Be Recoated?

A maintenance coat must be applied every 5-10 years, depending on their exposure to the elements.

Will Toews Timberframes Ship To Me?

We provide shipping Canada-wide and the continental United States.

Our Work

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Homes & Cottages

Homes & Cottages

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Pergolas & Pavilions




Homes & Cottages
Pergolas & Pavilions

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Why Choose Toews

Toews Timberframes wants to work with you

Our building process is a unique blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. All our structures are handcrafted from timber using mortise and tenon joinery with oak pegs. Canada is known for its quality timber, we source 100% of our timbers from sustainable Canadian sources.

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